lunedì 14 ottobre 2013

Giordano's technology

Giordano's technology an environmentally friendly innovation
Looking carefully to wooden floor we can find the coexistence of two different mechanical attitudes: the top layer, which is directly exposed to humidity variations, is subject to movement; the bottom layer, firmly adheres to the subfloor. Traditional solid planks as well feature a support which is supposed to accomplish this task though this kind of support is unsuitable and not specifically engineered to fulfil this function.

This determines a higher floor instability and tendency to deform. The birch multilayer plywood support patented by Listone Giordano, on the other hand, is specifically engineered with a cross-ply construction that perfectly solves the problem of stability combining the stunning beauty of wide and long planks with the highest technical performances. The result is a unique wooden floor featuring large dimensional boards and perfect indeformability. As only witty intuitions can be, technical innovation is linked to a rational usage of natural resources, as a matter of fact the wood species used in the manufacturing process of Listone Giordano’s support are the ones of rapid growth such as birch, combining unrivalled mechanical characteristics with the best environmental sustainability and forestry regeneration efficiency.

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